Are you or somebody you love suffering from substance abuse or addiction? Are you in recovery or learning to cope with a family member in recovery? Recovery is never just a matter of breaking the physical addiction, but a complex disorder that affects everyone involved.

Benefits of Substance Use Disorder Counseling

Counseling and recovery services are intended to help people better understand what situations contribute to addiction and what they can do to deal with them. Substance use recovery counseling equips you with the tools to manage your life after addiction as well, keeping you on a positive path to health and wellness. 

Relapse Avoidance & Prevention

Recovery is about taking things one day at a time and relapse happens sometimes. The goal of counseling is to help you learn how to avoid it. Every day is filled with tiny, seemingly insignificant, decisions that can lead you either father down one path or towards another. With the help of counseling, you can learn to identify the decisions that lead away from relapse and which ones lead toward it. When bad days do occur, you’ll have a plan in place to fall back on to climb back out. And on the worst days, you’ll have a trusted Harmony Harbors counselor to support you when you need it most.

Provide Support

It is common for people suffering from substance use disorder to feel alone. People who have not gone through addiction will struggle to understand what it’s like. Even when it feels like no one cares, they actually do. When you sign up for counseling at Harmony Harbors, the person you work with is there because they care about you, understands what you’re going through, and genuinely wants to help.

Coping Strategies

Substance abuse issues can be more common when you don’t have the tools you need to properly deal with whatever situation you are in. Counseling provides you with as many coping strategies as you need to handle various difficult situations. Relapse avoidance and prevention strategies teach you what to do in difficult moments, and sometimes just knowing you have another upcoming meeting where someone will listen to you is a big help. Our counselors can guide you as to which tools work best for you and how to use them.


One of the hardest things about substance use recovery is self-reflection. It can be very difficult to get yourself far enough removed from a situation to clearly see it, especially when it comes to substance abuse. Bringing in an outside perspective can help you see things more clearly and allow everyone involved to be heard. Proper self-reflection helps recognize the behaviors, habits, and situations that lead to substance abuse. After all, you can’t change what you don’t see. Once you’re able to understand what you are dealing with and identify your triggers, you and your counselor can work together to create a plan to cope with them. 

Relationship Repair and Development

Addiction affects everyone. It destroys relationships and pushes people away. Often the people most impacted by addiction are the ones who are needed most to lean on during recovery. Repairing those relationships does not come easily, and takes dedicated attention and effort from both parties. Family and personal relationships require time and help to build back and fix the effects of addiction. Family recovery counseling is often the first step in repairing the most meaningful relationships in your life and although it’s a scary step, stronger relationships with your loved ones are worth it.

Substance Use Recovery Counseling with Harmony Harbors

Family substance abuse counseling services are a vital part of recovery. At Harmony Harbors, we offer virtual counseling and resources to help families going through substance use recovery no matter where they are located. We have regular counseling sessions, as well as our Crisis Management Program to help families when emergencies happen. Our recovery services include proven methods to offer support, education, and planning. If you or someone you know is ready to get their life back, contact us at (877) 538-5800.