Our Story

Harmony Harbors’ mission is to guide, with our weathered and deeply concerned hands, the growing number of families toward shelter from the storm of disorder to a Harmonious Harbor of connection and Family Recovery.

For nearly 20 years Michael Brajczewski has personally and patiently navigated the heartache that Substance Use and Behavioral Disorder inflicts on Families.

During this time, he dedicated himself to discovering effective methods to achieve Family Recovery. He found that his path to family healing required many things, such as: an examination of his own lived experience, ongoing education, and personal behavioral changes.

He began to develop and refine useful skills and methods to help others. This came as a result of his involvement with affected families, organizations, and support groups devoted to Family Support and Recovery.

This journey has led to the establishment of a new professional practice: Harmony Harbors.

Meet Michael

Michael B
Michael B. - CFRS
Founder of Harmony Harbors

In the darkest moments of my family’s lives, I sought many answers in desperation. I found them in Family Recovery. I came to learn that there are many tools, techniques and concepts available for each of us in the family unit to achieve a much needed result – Harmony.

The pains and victories of this experience have motivated me to seek to help those also seeking Harmony in their own family. 

My deepest wish is to offer my hand in assistance to your family. Together, we can sort out the big stuff from the small stuff; separate the emotions we feel from the language we use. We will discover the actions we ultimately need to take – or avoid.

I want to talk to you, to your family. I want to renew your hope that a positive, productive bond between yourself and your loved ones is still recoverable in your own unique way.

Please reach out to me – especially if you feel  that your ship, your fleet, could be in grave and permanent danger.

I hope to help you chart your family’s course back to Calm Water. 

Let us help – you, and your family, deserve it.

– Michael

Michael B. - CFRS

Founder of Harmony Harbors