Frequently Asked Questions

In many support groups, the members are of various backgrounds and lived experience and training (perhaps none). They may be far along the Recovery spectrum or just beginning.

Harmony Harbor’s mission is to enable our clients to work only with trained and Certified Family Recovery Specialists (CFRS) who have extensive lived experience.

We believe that traditional individual therapy is deeply beneficial to any person.

Underlying Mental Health Issues (MHI), which can only be diagnosed by licensed therapists, are a significant contributor to Substance Use Disorder (SUD). These MHI’s often result in self-medication.

Harmony Harbors addresses the need for specialized, one-on-one guidance to assist Families through the unique struggles which Substance Use and Behavioral Disorders present.

We provide special support with focused and experienced counseling to promote Family Healing and Harmony.

We are currently working to allow our services to be covered by insurance. At the moment, we are self-pay, as we cannot currently define diagnosis codes.

The personal focus of a Certified Family Recovery Specialist to work with you through your difficulties.

You can expect a counselor with training for the issues that you are currently dealing with. Additionally, we offer your family a committed partnership with a Harmony Harbors Specialist.

You will be proactively engaged in a learning process through guided education – both from the HH coach and our available library of resources.

Perhaps the most valuable is the availability of the Crisis Management Program which allows you access to assistance during the occurrence of an in-crisis episode.

Every member of HH - all staff - have lived experience in the area of Substance Use Disorder. They have traveled the painful and rewarding journey of Family Recovery. This first-hand knowledge provides Harmony Harbors staff with the ability to handle your complete experience with expertise and sensitivity.

Furthermore, your assigned CFRS will have undergone State Certified Training; official approval to act and work with Families dealing with Substance Use Disorder and Behavioral Disorders. Please check our credentials and background in the Our Team section.

We make every attempt to be available to you and your family.

Experience shows that struggling individuals and families cannot predict when various crises will occur. We know it can be critical to have support exactly when you need it.

If you are a client, you will be able to contact your HH specialist directly – by text, email or phone as part of our Crisis Management Program (CMP).

If you are not a client, our team monitors our virtual contact points for your messages seven days a week from 8am – 9pm. Simply reach out at: [email protected] or 1-877-538-5800 and leave us an urgent message.

Please see the Our Method  page for more detailed information about our initial treatment plan approach.