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How to Know if Family Recovery Counseling Is Right for You and Your Family

Every family goes through ups and downs. The perfect happy family you see on television does not exist in reality. The stresses of modern life, work or financial issues, significant life changes, or mental health matters can all take their toll on all members of the family. Substance Use Disorder can increase these already normal family pressures dramatically and begin to create significant damage that will need repair. If that is the case, seeking family recovery counseling could be best for you and your family.

Harmony Harbors offers virtual family recovery counseling services to help families dealing with substance abuse and behavior disorders. By focusing on the family unit as a whole, our certified counselors can better diagnose the root issues of family disharmony and develop treatment plans based on current and desired family culture. Our goal with family recovery counseling services is always progress, not perfection. Once we have worked together to identify responsibilities, we will develop practical takeaways and techniques that can be put into practice to work toward continued growth. Our crisis management program offers off-hours support so we can help support you during crises – when you really need it.

When to Seek Family Recovery Counseling Services 

There is no shame in taking the necessary steps to improve your family life by seeking out counseling. It is one of the most courageous things you can do for your family. However, we understand that it is a difficult decision to come to grips with and one that is not taken lightly. Unfortunately, there are many reasons that could lead a family to not seek the assistance and  help they need. 

Here are some signs your family may be experiencing that could indicate the need for support of counseling services.

Family Members Having Difficulty Functioning Together

Do routine interactions and the simple tasks of everyday life cause tension and drama within your family? Do your family members have difficulty performing daily activities together? Is your family struggling to have even simple conversations without arguing? Are you struggling to even be in the same room together?

Family Members Having Extreme Emotional Reactions

Do you feel your fuse is shorter with a family member than it is for anybody else? Is a member of your family exhibiting extreme reactions or emotions like anger, irritation, or sadness?

Family Members Withdrawing from Each Other

Is one member of your family constantly isolating themselves from the rest of the household? Does it seem like you receive the silent treatment more often than usual, and it is hard to communicate and have an ordinary conversation? Is the new normal for family members to “opt-out,” rather than engage?

Significant Changes in Behaviors

Is one of your children showing considerable changes in behaviors like having issues at school or acting out? Are they suddenly not interested in things or activities they used to be? Children are not the only family members susceptible to negative change. Partners can begin to show signs of struggle and experience fractured relationships within the family as well. Is your partner distant or irritable? Is there evidence of self-medication or unhealthy coping techniques? Simply put, if you notice a negative change in your loved ones – it needs proper attention.

Traumatic Experiences, Grief, or Life Changes 

Has there been a recent death, divorce, or traumatic experience in the family? Has anybody recently made a significant life change, like moving to a new home, switching jobs, or losing a friend group or relationship status? 

The Complications of Substance Abuse and/or Behavioral Disorders

Are any of your family members showing signs of excessive alcohol use, drug use, or possible eating or social disorders (such as excessive internet use or gaming)? 

All of the family struggles mentioned above can be massively impacted by these addictive behaviors when they become present within the family. Addiction can and will affect the family’s ability to function together, and often causes our loved ones to withdraw from each other. Addiction issues often cause extreme emotional reactions and significant changes in healthy behavior. Sadly, addiction can also leave us dealing with grief and is capable of creating deeply impactful life changes (ex. losing a friend group, living space, or relationship status).

Family Counseling with Harmony Harbors Family Recovery

There are countless reasons a family might need counseling or recovery services. No matter the reason, Harmony Harbors is here when you need it. Our virtual counseling services offer family recovery counseling, substance use disorder counseling, behavioral disorder counseling, spousal impact counseling, grief counseling, neurotypical disorder assessment, and a crisis management plan for crises. Let our team of experts provide the help and guidance needed to make your family whole again. Give us a call today at 1-877-538-5800 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.