When a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction it affects the entire family. Watching somebody you care about struggle is difficult for everybody. The mental and emotional challenges that correspond can be frustrating and draining. It can lead to significant negative consequences for the individuals in a family, and the unit dynamic together. Substance Use Disorder can greatly increase normal family pressures and create severe damage that must be addressed. If that is the case, seeking family addiction counseling could be the best course of action for you and your family.

What is Family Addiction Counseling?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, family counseling includes interventions that reflect family-level assessments, involvement, and approaches. When an individual has family support, they are much more likely to remain in treatment and stay sober. The family being involved in counseling shows the individual they are cared for and works to rebuild trust and open lines of communication. When families are dealing with addiction, emotions can run high and deep issues can be brought to the surface. A family therapist is able to help things remain calm so that progress can be made. Common models of family counseling include cognitive behavioral family therapy, multidimensional family therapy, and structural family therapy.

Harmony Harbors Method

Our Harmony Harbors virtual family addiction recovery counseling services seek to help families with substance abuse and behavioral disorders come together and work through issues as a team with our Family in Recovery Method. 

Harmony Harbors for Your Family

There are many reasons why a family might be considering counseling or recovery services to help improve their lives and relationships. If you live in Montgomery County and somebody you love is suffering from alcohol or substance abuse, it can greatly affect the ability of a family to function together. Our team of certified professional counselors have all experienced the effects of Substance Use Disorder before. They have traveled the painful and rewarding journey of Family Recovery for themselves and can provide first-hand knowledge to help guide you with expertise and sensitivity. To learn more about Harmony Harbors and all the family counseling services we offer or to book an appointment, call 1-877-538-5800 today!