substance abuse counseling

Benefits of Substance Use Disorder Counseling

Recovery is never just a matter of breaking the physical addiction. Substance abuse is a complex and delicate disorder for everyone involved. Counseling and recovery services help people understand what situations contribute to it and what they can do to deal with them. It gives you tools to manage your life after addiction as well, keeping you on the road to health and wellness.

Relapse Avoidance & Prevention

Relapse happens sometimes, but the goal is to help you learn how to avoid it. People make hundreds of tiny, seemingly insignificant, decisions every day that lead them either farther down one path or another. With counseling, you can learn which steps lead away from relapse and which ones head toward it. On the good days, we’ll help you put more obstacles in place to make relapse harder. On bad days, you’ll already have a plan to fall back on. On the worst days, Harmony Harbors’ counselors will support you when you need it.

Provide Support

Many people who are suffering from substance use disorder feel alone. Family and friends who haven’t gone through addiction will have a limited understanding of what it’s like. It can feel like no one cares, even when they actually do. Signing up for counseling means you’re making an active choice to have a connection with someone so you aren’t alone. At Harmony Harbors, the person you work with is there because they care about you, understands what you’re going through, and genuinely wants to help.

Coping Strategies

Substance abuse often happens because you don’t have the tools you need to deal with whatever situation you’re in. Counseling gives you as many tools as you need to handle it. Instead of walking out with duct tape and glue to keep yourself together, you get access to the entire hardware store. Relapse avoidance and prevention strategies teach you what to do on your own and can also be a tool in itself. Sometimes knowing you have another meeting, where someone will listen only to you is, by comparison, a jackhammer of a tool. Too few of those who are struggling give themselves that kind of compassion. Our counselors can guide you as to which tools work best for you and how to use them.


It can be almost impossible to get yourself far enough out of any situation to see it clearly, especially with a substance use disorder. Introducing an outside perspective brings space to the concern and helps everyone feel heard. Self-reflection teaches what behaviors, habits, and situations lead to substance abuse. After all, you can’t change what you don’t know about. Once you understand what you’re dealing with and your triggers, you and your counselor can create a plan to cope with them.

Relationship Repair and Development

Addiction hurts everyone. It destroys relationships almost by design. And ironically, sometimes the people most impacted by addiction are the ones we need to lean on the most during our recovery. But this does not come easily, and it certainly does not come automatically; it takes dedicated attention and effort. Our family and personal relationships also require time and help to recover from the effects of addiction. Family Recovery counseling is often the first step in repairing some of the most meaningful relationships in your life. It’s a scary step, but stronger relationships with your loved ones are worth the work.

Counseling with Harmony Harbors

Individual and family substance abuse counseling services are a vital part of recovery. At Harmony Harbors, we offer virtual counseling and resources to help families no matter where they are. We have regular counseling sessions, but we understand that emergencies happen. We set up our Crisis Management Program to help families, regardless of the time. Our team has years of experience working with people and families. Our recovery services include proven methods to offer support, education, and planning.

If you or someone you know is ready to get their life back, contact us at (877) 538-5800.