The term “behavioral disorder” is an all-encompassing term that describes a wide range of behavioral disruptions that could require therapy to manage. Behavior Counseling focuses on the concept that humans learn from their environment or experiences and works to adjust an individual’s behavior by reinforcing positive behaviors and reducing negative behaviors. Harmony Harbors offers family counseling to help families navigate the difficulties of behavioral disorders together to improve their relationships and family functioning. 

Mental Health Disorders Treated With Behavioral Therapy

Types of Behavioral Disorder Counseling 

Many different techniques are used in behavioral disorder counseling. Each method is tailored to the individual’s specific situation, mental health disorder, and the severity of the problem.

Behavioral Counseling Offered at Harmony Harbors

Behavioral disorders can be caused by many different reasons and it is impossible to pinpoint one specific cause. Psychological factors, biological factors, and environmental factors can all contribute to the development, intensifying, or triggering of behavioral disorders. Harmony Harbors offers a variety of virtual services to meet the needs of individuals and families to find calm waters. We offer family recovery counseling, substance use disorder counseling, behavioral disorder counseling, spousal impact counseling, grief counseling, neurotypical disorder assessment, and crisis management planning.

Partner with Harmony Harbors in Lansdale

At Harmony Harbors, our experienced staff of certified counselors takes a family approach to behavioral counseling to help the entire household learn to deal with mental health disorders. We work together to identify the root of the problem and work together to develop solutions with the understanding that an entire family is often affected. Our method is to assess the family and loved one’s background to fully understand the genetic and behavioral exposures. We work with the family to develop useful takeaways and strategies for recovery, support, and continued growth together. In addition to individual and family counseling services, our team of experts is also available for presentations relevant to behavioral counseling at schools, rehabilitation centers, community gatherings, and mental health and wellness events. To learn more about how Harmony Harbors Family Recovery can help you, call us at 1-877-538-5800.