Coping Skills for People Struggling With Addiction

family counseling

When a family member is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it is devastating for the entire family unit. Many factors can lead a person to turn to drug or alcohol use. From stress and emotional situations to traumatic events to outside pressure, if a person is struggling to handle any of these emotions or […]

What to Expect in a Family Counseling Session

family counseling

Deciding to participate in family therapy is a big step and an incredibly brave decision. It shows love and desire within a family unit to want to improve relationships and communication, which is usually a great sign. What Is Family Counseling Family counseling is a form of therapy which aims to address and unpack the […]

How to Know if Family Recovery Counseling Is Right for You and Your Family

family recovery counseling

Every family goes through ups and downs. The perfect happy family you see on television does not exist in reality. The stresses of modern life, work or financial issues, significant life changes, or mental health matters can all take their toll on all members of the family. Substance Use Disorder can increase these already normal […]

What Is Behavioral Disorder Counseling and How Does It Help?

behavior counseling

Behavioral disorder counseling is a universal and all-encompassing term that describes multiple types of therapies to help individuals treat various behavioral disruptions. Behavioral counseling focuses on the concept that humans learn from their environment and experiences, intending to reinforce positive behaviors and eliminate negative ones. Harmony Harbors offers family counseling services to help families dealing […]

Signs You Should Seek Grief Counseling

grief counseling

We all experience pain, loss, and suffering at some point in our lives. We all go through a grieving process. However, those of us who have loved ones who are struggling or have struggled with substance use or behavioral disorders are unfortunately more at risk of one day engaging in grief. Everyone deals with grief […]

What Is Family Recovery Counseling, and How Can It Help My Family?

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There are many ways to help individuals in the throes of addiction, with the most common choices being counseling, psychotherapy, or a rehabilitation program. But did you know there is an option to help heal the entire family? It’s called family recovery counseling. Addiction, substance use, behavioral disorders, and marital discord can all cause disconnection within […]